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[Kingdom Hearts III – Re Mind]Who should have been the one to save Aqua instead of Sora?
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  Personally speaking, I don’t mind the fact that Sora saved her,?Blank Points and the 0.2 both told us he would. My disappointment is really just how KH3 handled that plot.

  As a heads-up?for anyone?who really likes this plot as is, and may?be sensitive to hearing a negative opinion on it, maybe don’t read my comment any further. I’ll be nice, but I don’t want to chance ruining the scene for anyone. I already feel like the bad guy for saying the KH novels aren’t canon. lol

  My problem is that Sora’s and Aqua’s interaction just felt very shallow to me. Early in KH3 they build up this plot point where Aqua can only be reached by someone she is very close to, and not even Mickey can help her here. This really sets-up a potential plot where Sora is able to reach Aqua either due to his strong connections to everyone, or because he possesses Ven’s heart. Unfortunately, it felt like it never really considered either idea.

  I know this may be a nitpick on my end, as I’m aware KH3 had a lot of content to include and had to cut some corners, especially with their limited disc space, but I’m disappointed by the way Sora actually never cared about her in the game, up until he took her hand. Mickey, Riku, and Donald, all have points in the game where they express concern for the well-being of Aqua, Terra, and/or Ven. Sora, however, never expresses compassion for any of them, until after he saves Aqua. There are two times when Sora speaks up about saving her, but both of these are implied to be Ven’s feelings, whether it’s Ven’s actual words or Sora reacting to his heart. There is a scene in the gummi ship where Sora has an outburst, saying they need to go to the Realm of Darkness, but the reasoning he gives is purely for manpower to combat the growing threat.?This is very out-of-character for him, and generally makes him feel cold towards their situations.

  Then there’s the part where Sora enters the RoD. When he sees Aqua, he really expresses nothing. He doesn’t look surprised to see her, or confused about her transformation. He doesn’t look concerned for her, and never even tries to speak with her. His only thought?here seems to be saving Riku and Mickey, and you have to wonder if he’s even aware of who he is fighting. He probably knows, but there’s really no indication. After this, you just battle her. This is fine, I mean, it’s a game, and that’s what we do. But any personal feelings here feel like they’re entirely atmospheric and based on the player’s attachment to Aqua, while Sora is just kinda here and has no personal stake?in the matter.

  Again, this may be a nitpick, but I don’t understand why it was established that she could only be saved by someone close to her, and then you have her rescued by someone who felt so detached from her throughout this particular?game. I understand her situation changed once she was no longer trapped within the water, but it felt like a back step. It really would’ve helped if they added anything to connect them in KH3, even just highlighting?Sora frowning when he heard they couldn’t find her, or him including her in his reasons to want to go to the RoD. It just felt like they decided long ago that Sora would save Aqua, but by KH3 they kinda forgot to really build towards that point until it was already time to save her.

  A little off-topic here, but I’ll be forward with you: we’re very big BbS trio fans. We adore them, and we wish Terra and Ven could’ve been involved in Aqua’s rescue somehow, especially since they got her this far through the RoD. But our personal feelings aside, KH3 built on its own the idea that Ven would help rescue her. I’m not at all saying Ven should’ve just rescued her while Sora sat on the sidelines, but as I mentioned above, early game they established the idea that Aqua would have to be reached by someone very close to her, and in the same scene, Ven reacts within Sora. This happens twice, yet Ven is never indicated to actually help once they’re in the RoD. It?really gave the impression that Sora would be able to reach her since he?carries Ven’s heart, and?would’ve been a good excuse for Sora himself to rescue her. Ven could’ve served as Sora’s pathway to Aqua, but once he met with her, Sora himself could’ve done the actual saving.

  Maybe those scenes where Ven spoke up were only meant to tell you that he was ready to wake, but it feels like a missed opportunity or even a dropped plot line.?

  Sorry for the rant. I really do like KH3 and I think it’s a great game, but I still feel a little disappointed with some of its story decisions.

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