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[best selling fighting game]Conquer ALL Xbox Series Consoles: Brook XB Fighting Board
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  XB Fighting Board is also Brook’s first fighting board to adopt ACT. As a cross-console fighting board, XB Fighting Board put extra focus on the operation experience when users switching between different consoles. Based on more than 2 decades of experience, Brook developed an exclusive Brook ACT software, enabling the fighting board to save up to 4 key configurations for each console. Players can set up different key configurations based on consoles, games, and scenarios, bypassing all the troubles of setting up for another console.

  Trusted by professional fighting game players around the world, Brook ensures that every part of the design is in full compliance with the rules of eSport fighting game tournaments. In addition to the built-in SOCD Cleaner that makes all-button fight sticks compliant to tournament rules, Brook also introduced key locks to avoid false triggering. Players can now pay full attention to the tournament without worrying about interference caused by the equipment, and utilize the Brook fighting board with its well-known exclusive tech for the lowest control delay in the market, to gain victory?in their every battle.

  XB Fighting Board will be released on 06/25/2021 worldwide?at the retail price of USD $50.

  FIGHTING BOARD: Modify your arcade stick to make it cross-platform, or even you can customize your own unique arcade stick with the Brook Fighting Board.

  XB Fighting Board official website

  Brook Design, LLC.

  Brook is a gaming accessory brand from Taiwan with more than 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing gaming hardware. In 2015, Brook released their first super converters for gaming consoles which allow your older gamepads and other controllers to adapt seamlessly to new consoles. Since we believe every gamer should enjoy the game any way they want, our team is dedicated to delivering solutions for every gamer’s wish.


  SOURCE Brook Design LLC

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