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[hyper scape youtube]Hyper Scape Halloween event coming with new modes and cosmetics
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  Hyper Scape has struggled to find its place in the increasingly competitive battle royale scene. The futuristic shooter recently moved into its second season, which added a bunch of new content to the game. Ubisoft has also admitted that drastic gameplay changes are needed – combat comfort and player progress foremost among these. However, Halloween is here, so everything else can wait while Hyper Scape gets into the spooky spirit.

  From October 20 to November 3, two limited-time modes and a collection of cosmetics are coming to Hyper Scape. The Crown Rush Solo mode is returning for the first week of the Halloween event. This time around, the mode will include the Second Chance feature. If you’re eliminated during the first four minutes and 40 seconds of the match, you’ll be dropped straight back into the fray – as many times as you like.

  As for the second week, thick fog is descending on Neo Arcadia and players will be able to experience the battle royale in a new darker look with Dark Haze Squad mode. This is a limited-time mode where teams of three will battle to the death with restricted hacks and weapons. There’s no crown to be snatched at the end of these dark deathmatches. The last squad standing wins.

  There are some truly terrifying cosmetics available during the Hyper Scape Halloween event. According to the YouTube video description, you will be able to discover exclusive cosmetics every day. You can see some of these Champion outfits and weapon skins in action in the trailer above. There will also be some new deployment pods available for purchase in the store. Hopefully there will be some earnable cosmetics, along with the ones you need to purchase.

  Hyper Scape is a free-to-play battle royale available on PC through the Ubisoft store.

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